Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Music, Menu, Management Linky

I missed the last alliteration linky at Primary Possibilities but thought I'd take part in this one.

Here's the idea:

MUSIC- What kind of MUSIC do you like to listen to? Do you have a favorite MUSIC group?
MENU- When you go out, what is your favorite item to order from a MENU?
MANAGEMENT- What is your best classroom MANAGEMENT tip? What works best for you? How do you MANAGE your literacy stations, math rotations, small groups, and organization tips?



Music: I like classical music, old time gospel and spirituals (I love the Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir) and some songs from musicals like Mamma Mia and Phantom of the Opera.

Menu: A bit tricky right now because I am experimenting with being raw vegan - and there aren't a lot of places that cater to that here (in fact there are none!) But if I slip off the raw wagon then I think I would choose (if I was in the USA) to go to California Pizza Kitchen because I love their thin crust vegan pizza dough and I love how you can mix up toppings to suit your own taste.

I made this raw vegan dish from The Rawtarian
 for lunch the other day - delicious!! Mine didn't
look quite like this but it still tasted
good :)

Management: Ha! Well, this is my weak point :) I have a very laid back attitude to classroom management so I tend to rely on my Learning Posters - tastefully designed by the talented Meg of Fourth Grade Studio - to redirect my kiddies to their work.

I'm focusing on accountability and taking responsibility for our own learning this year. :) Sometimes I clap in a pattern to get their attention and of course we have the two "quiet" desks where students can choose to go if they need to concentrate. I adore center work and teach practically all my Math this way now - we work in groups of 4 usually and I set a timer to move from one activity to the next. My class is well-trained now - they take their yellow folders with them, pack all their work into it at the end of each center, tuck in their chairs and wait for the move signal. They know not to interrupt the teacher table unless it's an emergency and it all goes very smoothly. I have to admit though that we have a very free and easy classroom and it can get noisy at times - but as long as its busy, creative, inquiring and learning noise I'm good with it. :)

Head on over to Primary Possibilities and link up your own music, menu and management :)


  1. I love West Side Story and can sing all of the songs! We don't have California Pizza Kitchen where we live, but we can buy the frozen ones at Wal-Mart. They are pretty good too!! Stephany

    1. No Walmart here either :( I'm going to have to figure out how to make my own someday.

  2. I love musicals! Phantom is definitely one of my favorites. Anything by Andrew Lloyd Weber . . .

    I, too, like to do most of my math instruction in small groups.

    1. Oh yes, I love all his music too :)

  3. HI! I found you through this linky party! I LOVE your blog and I can see that you have some fantastic lessons in science. i adore teaching science as well. I am your newest follower!
    Kindergarten Milestones

  4. Returned the compliment :) You have a fun blog too. I so admire Kindergarten teachers - I had to watch the K class for 15 minutes yesterday while their teacher was helping to supervise hearing tests and oh my!! I don't know if I could survive a whole day - you are definitely a special breed :)