Thursday, 21 March 2013

I just love my class blog...

And I REALLY love the questions the kids ask, the posts they create and the comments they make! :)

Here's a sample. This was last weekend's post - I decided to make it a Math problem and it was optional homework.

A little blurry - sorry. It's obviously a lot clearer on the blog itself. Here was the star answer.

And this was the comment of the day about this post - when I gave them all the answer and awarded house marks to all those who tried :)

I'm actually not exactly sure what this means but I'm assuming it means that the next problem I pose on the blog should have their names in it. I think I'll create an Easter Math mystery for them - they can read it in installments over the break and solve each section. I'll even offer an incentive reward for those that complete the whole thing. Now all I have to do is sit down and create something :)

This was today's post - they have to complete their own response post by Sunday.

Is this not the CUTEST photo? I want one of these little guys
so badly!!

One little girl had free time today so she checked out the blog in advance and squealed when she saw the photo. The entire class rose to their feet and I had to use my outdoor voice to control the stampede and keep them all in their seats. Obviously one student went online as soon as she got home and posted this comment tonight.

I really wanted to say I took the photo in my garden :) but I resisted the urge and just said I couldn't give away all my secrets. :) I just LOVE modern technology - it keeps the magic alive. If I had seen a photo like this when I was 8 years old I would have spent HOURS searching for little dragons. :)

I feel a dragon project coming on! Dragons lay eggs - I'm sure I can come up with some sort of Easter dragon activity before term ends - and it would make a FABULOUS art activity. Lots of glitter :)

What's everyone doing for Easter fun? We celebrate Good Friday here with a public holiday, kite flying, hot cross buns and fish cakes. School ends next Thursday at noon for 2 weeks so I need to get any spring/Easter activities done before then. Has anyone got amazing ideas? Share them :)


  1. This is awesome! Where did you get the pictures? I am looking for a good source. Thank you! I enjoy reading your blog.

    1. These particular pictures came from pinterest - and since the class blog is private I'm not as good about crediting as I should be. If I'm doing resources though I always use public domain photos from places like Wikimedia Commons and I've bought some great collections of photos from Anne Weaver at TpT :)

  2. Your cute critter photo reminded me of one I put on my classroom blog! We took a math test and I was proud of what they were able to accomplish, so I just did a google image search for the word "yay." What came up was a tiny turtle; try it, you'll see the one I mean. They still comment on it months later!

    1. Oh my goodness - how cute is that?!! I'll have to use him sometime. Just look at the size of him!!!

  3. That little guy is how you can do that alien thing (my Ganymede creature). Have them invent their own dragons, with a twist. These dragons are helpful, not the dangerous scourge they're made out to be. It could work! I love your pictures!
    Desktop Learning Adventures

    1. Brilliant idea!! I've been wanting to do some dragon activities :) I'll try it!