Thursday, 28 March 2013

Holiday Time :)

School ended today at noon! Two weeks of glorious holiday time - I am so excited!!

To start the holiday I am going to sleep in tomorrow and then go to my dad's house to celebrate our Good Friday (it's a public holiday here) with hot cross buns and fish cakes and hopefully a log fire (cause it is supposed to drop to a freezing 59 degrees here tomorrow!!) Don't know about the traditional kite flying because it is really windy - and while a little wind is good too much may mean the kites snapping and flying out to sea.

This is a traditional kite - not mine
although I have made them in the past :)

For a three and a half day week this feels like it's been a very long one. I haven't been feeling very well (nice spring cold!); the kiddies have been super excited by their concert (3 days of performances) and the upcoming holiday; co-workers are tired and we've all been a little over-sensitive in the staff room. It'll be nice to have a break and go back refreshed and ready for work again. :)

In between concerts I squeezed in some review with equivalent fractions - we played with fraction strips and fraction circles and plastic eggs.

Yesterday I gave the kids a Problem of the Day egg hunt - I hid their POTD in a plastic egg in the classroom (it was pretty amazing to see how keen they were to find it!) then they had to solve the problem and come to me for the next clue. Two eggs for each child were hidden in the library - but they had to use their library research skills to first find the eggs and then answer the question on the clue (most of them were to locate an author or a title in the library :) ) They weren't allowed to ask the librarian for any help and they weren't allowed to help each other. Most of them found their treats and came back quickly but a couple of children really don't know the library that well!!

To finish up the week we had our Rainforest ice cream sundaes for the entire year group today - delicious (I had 2 cups!) - and then we shaving creamed our desks so they are super clean and smooth and have fresh new name tags on them for the start of the new term. :) This term we managed to keep the bathroom clean and only one child got shaving cream on her clothes and they were (relatively) quiet. By next term they'll be pros! :)

Then we handed out reports and headed for the ramp. :)

So now I have 2 weeks of time to plan and get organized. I am going into an empty school next week with the firm intention of emptying the shelves behind my desk, organizing all my resources and redoing the Math shelf so that it is tidy and efficient - and I have to find places for all my sparkly counting gems. But first I'm going to enjoy Easter and have a couple of days to just vegetate.

Happy Easter to all of you.


  1. You do the cutest stuff! I need to come work at your school!! ;O)

    I love all of your ideas!! So fun!! Maybe I should just BE in your class!

    Collaboration Cuties

    1. :) this cheered me up :) I was feeling very sad this week - you know how sometimes you get those "why on earth did I ever think I could teach?" moments when you doubt if you're any good at all at your job? It was a week like that (despite all the activities) so it's so nice to read encouraging comments on here :) Thank you :)


  2. Sounds like your girls had a WONDERFUL last day! You planned some fun ways for you ALL to get through it! Enjoy your time off and get well! By the way...your followers should know you are being featured on my blog next Friday! Stop over and get to know Lynn even more! :)

    1. :) I liked your 5 on Friday today :) Hope you enjoy your holiday on that land mass surrounded by water :)