Thursday, 31 January 2013

Colour Wheel Chameleons

Can I just say that I LOVE That Artist Woman? I do! She is absolutely my go-to person for art projects now!

As you know our topic this term is Rainforests so yesterday we adapted one of Gail Bartel's projects (Color Wheel Gecko) and did it with chameleons instead.

Just LOOK at this awesome chameleon by an 8-year old!

I got the chameleon pattern from clipart by Teachers Clipart (I already had it actually but it was SO perfect for this project)

We started by painting our colour wheels

Then, after cutting out the chameleon pattern on card (this was surprisingly easy - I just chopped the whole page in half and then taped it back together once the girls had cut out the 2 chameleon halves) the kids drew their rain forest branches, leaves and flowers and then painted them.

After that we added borders, outlined all the painting in black sharpie (the kids liked that part!) and then glued an overhead transparency to the back of the picture. Then, with the same sharpie pen, they added details - eyes, stripes, scales - to the transparent chameleon.

I attached the colour wheel to the back and handed it to a gleefully smiling child - who then rushed around the room spinning the wheel and demonstrating to all and sundry how the chameleon changed color! I sent them all over the school because I was so proud of the finished product!!! 

Such a cutie!

Love this little guy's expression!

Scroll down and see some pictures of the same chameleon with her changed colors. :) This was truly a BRILLIANT art project!!

Feeling blue

sunset colors

she looks happier yellow, doesn't she?


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  1. Seriously, Lynn--these are FANTASTIC! I can see why you shared them all over school! Your kids must have been bursting with pride! I can't wait to see what is next...did they name their chameleons? You should read color poems now--like from Hailstones and Halibut Bones and talk about how poets use colors to talk about mood,etc. I still can't believe 8 year olds did those!!!!