Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Spectacular Simile Snakes - the beginning

We started a Simile Snake project today :) And what is a Simile Snake, you ask? Well, first of all it's a papier mache snake that will dangle from somewhere in the classroom to add flair to our Rainforest decorations. Secondly, it's a nice visual object on which to base a whole lesson on similes. Of course we have to finish the snakes first but next week I hope to have beautiful painted snakes, with amazing similes attached to their tails, hanging around the classroom in time for student/parent conferences. :)

Since it is thought that there are still many undiscovered species in the rain forests we are going to create new species of snakes - give them interesting Latin names (I'll see if the children remember anything that we learned about Latin in our Roman unit last term!) and then color them exotically. One child has already asked for hot pink neon paint and glitter so I am prepared to see some spectacular snakes.

Here's what they looked like today as we began.

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