Sunday, 6 January 2013

Hearts and Flowers

I've had a most enjoyable day!

 I've organized my Reading Response Journals which have soul-satisfying multi-coloured flower borders. I just LOVE teaching in an all-girls school :) Of course, I have a fair number of non-girly girls but I know that they're all going to love these journals. This is the second step in my campaign to create a class of readers. (The first step was self-selected genre Bingo cards) I have decided that the Reading Logs are practically useless since about 1/4 of my class "forgets" to fill them in just about every other day. Since reading is so important I am now going to switch to RRJs and see if these will maybe inspire them a little more. The flowered border is to get their attention :)

(I got the borders from Creative Clips by the way if you'd like to visit her store )

Tomorrow we will read through the expectations and practise writing to one of the prompt questions - then that question will be their homework prompt for whatever book they are reading at home.
Last week we started class journals and they have been a huge hit. Everyone wants to read what their friends have written and they're rushing to record and illustrate their thoughts. I'm really hoping the RRJ will grab their interest in the same way.
We start our whole class reader, "Tree Girl" by T.A. Barron this week so we may do some whole class journaling about this book as well. It's a fantastic story and every year my students have really enjoyed it - here's hoping this year's class does too! :)

And... (here's where the hearts come in! ) I finished one of my Valentine packs - full of pastel coloured hearts and Valentine themed Maths problems. Woo hoo!
I am getting READY for February :)


You can click here to see it in more detail :)

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