Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Our Group Projects

We're coming into the home stretch now!!

Meso-American Day is just around the corner and my classroom is in total CHAOS. I know it will look great on the day but right now it is a disaster zone.

Today my kiddies finished their group projects and they look amazing so I am totally going to brag and post photos of them here so you can all see how creative and amazing my class is.

The best part is these were actually completed with NO arguing!! They've come so far since September when group projects were, frankly, a nightmare. This time everyone cooperated, helped each other, complimented each other - it was wonderful.

Here is the project on Aztec Music.

The Meso-American Ball Game:

Aztec Pottery and Sculpture:

and Aztec Weapons:

I seem to be missing the photo of Aztec Sacrifice - I think they were still adding blood drops all over the place while I was taking photos. You can admire the blood and gore another day :)

I love these photos of my girls working. They were SO engrossed in what they were doing :)


We also discussed, at great length, today the costumes that we would all be wearing next Tuesday. I headed off all those who wanted to harass their parents into making them fantastic and exotic costumes, vetoed "real gold" jewelry and agreed that everyone, regardless of their social status, could wear face paint!!

I'm really not sure if we'll make it to Tuesday because they are SO excited they might just explode before then. :) If you hear a big KABOOM from the middle of the Atlantic you'll know what it was!!

:)  :)

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  1. I love these! I sometimes miss my 3rd graders because of the awesome projects they could do! Great job!

    Teaching with Grace