Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Froot Loop Fractions - and Aztec Update

Since I can't get to the end of the year without doing any more Math (tempting as that thought is!) I decided to review fractions of a group by making Froot Loop necklaces this week :)

Some of my kiddies are still struggling with this concept and froot loops are so much more fun to work with than cubes or jewels. We went through all the problems step by step with their edible manipulatives and everyone loved it. Plus - they all got the right answers!!

the beginning
1/4 of 16

4 sums completed

the finished product

Today in our Aztec world we did a multitude of different projects:

We worked on our weaving...

I love the jaguar weaving :)

... and some students finished their little bags :)

And we started making artifacts for our group projects:

a magnetic ball game
clay whistles
clay mosaic serpents
and some bows 

I took photos of 3 of my warriors posing in front of the house. I really wish I could show their faces because they were so proud - and such posers!  - but at least you can see the bows :)

Arrows later on (maybe - someone shot a paintbrush across the room today which wasn't such a bright idea since it landed on another child's head. Mind you I had already demonstrated it but I cleared the kiddies all off to one side before I demonstrated and I know how to shoot straight!!) I think I'll just get foam tips for the arrow heads and only let them shoot outside. We used oleander branches which make great bows - it always surprises me that none of the kids have ever made them. I did it all the time when I was a child :)

Anyway I may now have to help the whole class make these - or I might give the parents instructions for a fun summer project :) They were a hit!!

Don't their helmets look good with the bows? :) You're looking at two jaguars and a parrot :)

Here's a picture of the parrot under construction so you can fully appreciate its magnificence.

And so we progress - Open Day is just around the corner. I can't wait :)

Next on the agenda is the temple for sacrificing, my headdress (VERY important) and feathered fans so that my slaves can fan me :)

I do so LOVE this project!!


  1. It all looks terrific! Where are you getting your ideas? I've never heard of jaguar weaving, I'm going to have to check it out. I've really enjoyed reading about and looking at your project pictures.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

    1. Well, thank you kindly, ma'am :) The ideas are mine - but I try to switch things up every year to combat boredom :) I was SUPPOSED to be doing the Incas this year but my co-teachers didn't want to swap civilizations. I'm going to try really hard to persuade them next year. It would be fun to do some new stuff.

      Oh... and the jaguar weaving... sorry about that. I meant I liked the fact that a child wearing a jaguar helmet was weaving. It looked cute :)