Wednesday, 5 June 2013

And More Aztecs...

My entire life revolves around this project right now (well, that and assessments and reports of course!) - and the classroom is starting to come together. It's still chaotic but I am seeing light at the end of the tunnel. We might actually pull Open Day off :)

Today we put snouts and ears on the Aztec warrior helmets :) Even though they're not painted yet the kids love them so much they are wearing them all the time (and unfortunately pretending to be the animals they have chosen to represent - so I had jaguars and panthers pouncing on each other, snakes slithering around the room, a couple of prowling wolves and three swooping parrots in my room this afternoon!)

All these animals were supposed to be working on their Aztec codices but it was obviously more fun to creep up on a warrior in the Aztec house :) I told myself it was creative role play - and a form of learning! :)

A jaguar working on her codex
Waiting for paint, eyes, noses and whiskers

The house looks awesome now - we still have to put on the back half of the roof but it's really looking very realistic I think and the kiddies adore it!! When we get the fire inside (complete with flickering flames - i.e. battery candles and tissue paper) it's going to be THE place to be!

We covered their woven mats in plastic to protect them

Project books are coming along nicely and some are just fabulous. Some children have gone way beyond my expectations and have created the most gorgeous books. Their parents are going to be very proud!


And finally this week we started our giant Aztec god paintings. We used the overhead projector to draw the figures and then randomly assigned colours to all the parts in a "paint by letter" project. We keep them on the easel and anyone who finishes their work gets to go and paint any bits they like as long as they do it CAREFULLY. So far no spills and it's the neatest work I've seen in the last 4 years. And they're SO colorful :)

I think this is Quetzalcoatl :)

 We still have a lot to do - some weaving samples, planting the miniature chinampas, building the model temple, making our costumes and (most importantly) my feathered headdress and feathered fans for my slaves to fan me :) and the group projects (which involves making spears and bows and arrows, pots, musical instruments etc) - so there's no time to rest on our laurels yet but I am VERY proud of my kiddies to date. They're doing a fantastic job :)

Keep an eye out for more photos later on - right now I have to focus on (gag) reports :(


  1. I can't wait to see their helmets finished. Do you think it is a doable project with first graders?


  2. I wrapped tinfoil around their heads, then covered it in masking tape. Then they papier mached with a mix of glue and water (1 or 2 layers) over the top, trying not to squash their hats and then we painted and started adding details. I think first graders could do it - you'd have to help with the ears and snouts - or maybe make ear templates (I let mine draw their own) and they'd need to be gentle with the papier mache but it's doable I think :) I would try it!! Maybe parents could come in and help? It would be easier on you :)