Tuesday, 18 June 2013

And still more new stuff to learn...

Just as I've been getting comfortable with my blogging I read all these posts today about Google Reader ending on July 1st - which of course, I knew but had pushed deep into my subconscious because I just didn't want to deal with yet another techie thing.

However, the change over to


 was actually quite painless :) I hope I have done it correctly! I'm assuming so because there is now a new little gadget at the top of this blog that can be clicked on to follow.

Since there's absolutely no way I can explain this competently you can follow this link to a very good post written by Megan at:

 I Teach, What's Your Super Power?

She tells you exactly what to do to change over. I definitely didn't want to lose my blog list and have to find everyone again so I followed her directions implicitly. :)  Thanks Megan!!

I keep telling myself that all this learning is good - it will help me empathize with my kiddies. After all, they're always being pushed to learn new things so I, as their teacher, should challenge myself the same way. :)

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