Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Aztec Open Day...

... was great fun!!

My kiddies were awesome, the classroom looked fantastic and the parents thought their work was wonderful.

We dressed up, ate tortilla chips, salsa and guacamole (in the Aztec world) quinoa stew (in the Inca mountains) and sampled spicy hot chocolate (in the Mayan civilization) - and then sent everyone home happy.

A wonderful day. And my slaves were awesome - they fanned me all afternoon (and it was HOT with all those parents in the room!!) and posed for photographs.

Here's a sampling of our afternoon :)

(Plus photos of me - and I'm not all that comfortable in front of the camera so these are rare glimpses :) )

Sacrificing a slave - nearly all the parents volunteered too!
Sampling salsa and guacamole

Miniature Aztec houses and chinampas

More displays
The Ball Game display

Emperor Moctezuma with a member of the court

And with a Snake Warrior
and personal slave :)

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  1. Lynn . . . Lynn . . . Lynn. I want SO much to be in your class. Just think how these students will NEVER EVER forget this experience! You should be so proud of your creativity and hard work. Wow.