Saturday, 1 December 2012

Swords, Shields and Snowflakes

We had an alliterative art day this week! We finished our Roman shields, constructed and painted our Roman swords (ready for battle sometime before the end of term!) and made snowflakes for the lower Primary Christmas concert and our own classroom. There was a little bit of Math in the form of measuring the swords and hanging the evergreen garlands (e.g. I have four 9 ft garlands - how many feet in total am I hanging? :) but otherwise it really was a very relaxing art day. We all need one of those now and then in school :) Here are some photos of our day.

                            We are the 11th legion!

The children designed their own swords and then painted them. Every single one is covered in blood! There are no pacifists in my legion!!

We used templates for the snowflakes - a little tricky for the children to cut out but glitter makes everything look good :)

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