Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Eve!!!

It's Christmas Eve! I'm making split pea soup for dinner tonight, a vegan entree for Christmas Day at my sister's house tomorrow and I've just posted my Polar Problem Solving on TpT. I've also packed 30 bags of sugar cookies for our church Community Christmas lunch tomorrow and have been to the grocery store - a most productive day so far. The dogs are inside with me - Panda has just stolen a snowman ornament from the Christmas tree (which only went up last night!!) and has torn it to pieces  - and I'm feeling all Christmassy and cozy. Still have to clean the house - it may be cozy but it's a bit untidy - and then pick up my daughter and do a few more last minute errands. We're going to go to the late night Christmas service tonight and the beach tomorrow (weather permitting) before going to my sister's. I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

Panda - looking angelic after eating a snowman ornament!

Here's a link to Polar Problem Solving if anyone is interested :)

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