Sunday, 30 December 2012

2 1/2 days to go!

Of holiday that is :) It's been such a long, relaxing break that it's hard to believe I'll have to be getting up at 5.30 again next Wednesday to get ready for a school day! Granted, it's just a PD day so no children will be in but still... I hope I a) hear the alarm and b) pay attention to it!
Today is a stormy wet day and I'm still in my pajamas at lunch time :) My 3 dogs (my dad has gone away and I am dog-sitting his weimaraner, Luna - who joins my own boxer, Bear and border collie, Panda) are lolling around on sofas and dog beds; my husband is watching football and my daughter, I think, is asleep. It's a cozy day :)

Luna and Bear - best buddies :)

I've been working away on Valentine activities which makes me feel incredibly organized and have printed off all my activities for the first two days of the New Year. All this blogging ( and reading of amazing blogs) has RE-INSPIRED me and I am ready to have some fun.

Our new topic this term is Rainforests - which I just love - so I am tweaking all my projects and designing some new ones to really challenge my little people. I have binders and folders and journals and spread sheets and cool new games and posters and I WILL keep my desk tidy this year so that I can find all these amazing new resources!
I don't think I've been so excited to go back to school for a long time :) (I mean I love teaching but it all feels different somehow - I just love this blogging world!)

Next week I'm guest blogging as part of a linky exchange and someone else will be blogging here. The idea is we can all follow a big circle and read lots of different blogs. It sounds like fun but I'm feeling a tad intimidated because this is such a baby blog and there are really so many amazing teachers out there that sometimes I feel a little inadequate. Hopefully my post will be alright :) Have to remember the reason I started this whole thing which was to share and learn! (Sometimes the whole follower thing catches up to me and I start worrying - another resolution: don't stress about numbers :) )

Thanks to all the people whose blogs I read almost daily now - for the inspiration and the revitalization.
Wishing you all a happy New Year!



  1. Hey girl! I have a mock-up of the rainforest project for you...can I send it to you via email? Not sure I have your email...

  2. I sent you an email a couple of days ago :) But my address is
    Wonderful - thanks so much. I am totally engrossed in rainforest stuff right now :)

  3. Lynn! I haven't heard from you...did you ever get my email?!?! HAPPY NEW YEAR!