Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Best and Brightest

I found this while blog hopping today and decided to link up :) to Bunting, Books and Bainbridge . I've got used to blogging about my classroom so being on holiday is causing major withdrawal symptoms - this may ease them somewhat :)

My blog is still so new that it doesn't have a lot of "best" moments - that I can really point to anyway but... these are my choices.

My favourite/best post was Sister School  - I loved telling about the school we correspond with in Haiti and plan to make this an ongoing blog entry as we do more and more for and with our friends in Bois d'Avril. I guess I could link this with Fraction Trees and Letters to Haiti  since it showcases some of the beautiful letters my children wrote to their friends.

The blog I've liked the best this year has been Fourth Grade Studio but I'm discovering new ones all the time :) and am beginning to follow lots of other innovative and creative teachers. I hope to make more friends around the world as I continue to explore.

The best thing (so far) that I have planned for January is to take part in a Flat Gingerbread Exchange with classes in the US. It's the first time I've ever done this so I'm really excited about it and know that my class is going to LOVE it!
I'd love to get involved in more international exchange projects!

The best thing I made this year - well that's easy because I've only just started so I don't have a lot :) I liked my Festive Fractions unit and the best freebie was Fraction Snowman. It made the BEST classroom display as well this term :)

The best personal thing that happened this year - there were a few. My husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary, my son celebrated his 1st wedding anniversary :), my daughter finally went to college and got a 3.7 GPA in her first semester, my dad is battling a medical condition in a miraculous way (a true answer to prayer!)  my study buddy group has grown closer and closer and I have re-connected with God in a huge way. It has been a blessed year.

Plus I love my class of 2012/2013 - 16 little people to teach this year - and I have the best co-teachers :) Looking forward to the new year in my Year 4/Grade 3 classroom!


  1. Sounds like you've head a great year! Thanks for linking up and introducing me to your blog!

    *Bunting, Books, and Bainbridge*

  2. Hello fellow thirdie!! I am your newest follower!!

    Kathy O

    Third Grade Doodles

    1. How nice to meet you :) Love your blog too!

  3. AWWWW...thanks for the mention! I have only "known" you for a month, but I sure wish we lived close enough to be "real" friends or coworkers! Get off your blog and get your taxes done!

    1. :) Ugh - I can't bear the thought of them. I've been procrastinating all day! I want to do Valentine things (whine, whine) :)

    2. Hey there...hope things are going well! Would like to send you something to try with your thirdies to see how it goes, but I don't think I have your email. Is there a way to get it? Maybe in the forum?