Sunday, 16 March 2014

Rainforest Expo

We're starting to wind down our Rainforest unit now and are getting ready for our parent open house - a Rainforest Cafe - next week. This week we brought in a whole pile of rainforest products for a "taste, touch and smell" expo.

With displays of spices - allspice, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger and nutmeg - food stuffs like chocolate and minty gum, tangerine slices, pau d'arco tea and ginger tea as well as banana plants and allspice branches, my room smelled divine all day! Add a few coffee beans and it was the place to be in the afternoon. I'm seriously considering hanging some cinnamon sticks around the room permanently!

Pau d'arco tea

The best rainforest product of all!

The kids touched and smelled and tasted - and wrote notes and drew pictures. Some of them drank four cups of ginger tea but no-one wanted seconds of the pau d'arco. (Can't blame them - it's pretty disgusting! I only had it because my husband, for some weird reason, really likes it!)

The gold and diamond display was quite popular - I retrieved my diamond ring twice from a little girl's finger - and all of us loved the orchids that another teacher leant us for the morning.

A most successful morning - we're looking forward to our Cafe for the parents. :)

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