Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Awesome Art Ideas

Yesterday half of our year group was at a PE event and we were left with just 24 students overall. Obviously we couldn't get a lot of work done so we took advantage of our small numbers and went to visit the island-wide Primary Art Show.

It was a beautiful day so we walked through town, stopped to play in a park for ten minutes or so and then continued on to the gallery.

I have to say I was very impressed with all the art samples! And I took photos of quite a few projects that I thought we might be able to adapt at some point in the year. :)

These were made by Grade 1 students - kind of pretty!

I liked these cardboard fish and owls - it would make
some fun polygon practice.
3-D art was very popular. Both the fish
and the rocks pop out in this piece.

Handprint Sunflowers! So pretty!!

And this was one of our favorite pieces! My
co-teacher and I immediately thought of
a way to adapt this art for our rainforest

And finally, here's some art from my own kiddies - they finished their papier mache snakes this week and put the googly eyes on them. I walked in yesterday to find a "snake party" going on in the classroom!! Most of the girls went for pastel colored snakes this year. :)

It was a nice, quiet day and much enjoyed by all. Back to normal today - the lull before the Sports Day storm of excitement tomorrow!! :)

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