Friday, 14 March 2014

Bookshelf of Fame!

And we have one student on the Bookshelf of Fame!! Whee! Woot, woot!! CELEBRATE!

This week the first student in my class read her 25th book, achieved a full rainbow of ribbons on her bookmark and card and we celebrated in style!

We gathered on the carpet and had a formal presentation of her 25-book ribbon, Rainbow present (notepad, pencils and colorful "love to read" bracelets) and a fancy certificate to take home to mom and dad.
Then I showed the class her NEW bookmark and card - with the special Bookshelf of Fame award book printed on it - (they all oohed and aahed with excitement :) ) and we all marched to the bulletin board to watch the official signing of the Bookshelf!

New Book Ribbon with award on it :)

New bulletin board card to start collecting another rainbow.

And THEN, just to make it more fun, the student got to hand out little cups of rainbow skittles so that the whole class could celebrate with her. :) That was definitely a hit.

And what happened next? There was a FLURRY of reading activity - and excited chatting about how close the next person was, discussion about what books everyone was reading, counting of AR quizzes and books in reading logs... it was awesome.

I can't wait for the next ceremony!!

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