Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentine Birthday Love - 15

Valentine's Day!

And Day 5 - the final day of the:

Bermuda Birthday Bonanza Giveaway

Our final three LOVELY bloggers today are:

Hilary of


who donates to the giveaway her Word Ladders Phonics Fun

Preview HERE

"Kids use the given letters to make the first word. They then change one letter/sound to make the next word on the ladder." 

Meg Anderson of

Visit HERE

offers us her awesome Entrance Slips and Exit Slips Bundle.

Preview HERE

I'm a great fan of Meg's work and love all her products!!

Here's what she says about this resource:

"Exit and entrance slips are designed to help you "take the temperature" of your class in terms of student learning and attitudes to help you as you plan your instruction. It does no one any good to find out at the end of a unit that your students haven't learned all the material. That's why I started using quick learning checks such as these--I wanted to see where my class stood at each point along their learning journey!

They can be used to check understanding on academic content OR to get a read on student attitudes and comfort levels and I use them in a couple of ways: see if there are any students with major misconceptions see if the entire class is missing understanding and I need to reteach sort my students into groups for instruction"

And finally blogger # 15 is me :)

One of my favorite resources is my Open-ended Math Project bundle. It contains four projects that will challenge your students to think outside the box and solve some real-life problems using their Math skills. My class love these projects and we do a couple a term now. This pack includes:
Perimeter Farm (use perimeter to build pens for farm animals)
Fantastic Aquarium (set up a fish aquarium using knowledge of money)
Chocolate Choice (fill chocolate boxes with specific weights of chocolates)
Leprechaun Gold (plan a party for the leprechauns with a limited budget)

This is your last chance to fill in the giveaway form below to earn your entries today.

The draw ends at MIDNIGHT tonight.

(Remember to keep reading for the Valentine special below!) 

Now, for the promised Valentine special:

Enter below to win 

Your choice of $15 worth of resources from horizons store


a free copy of 

(which I'll send directly to the winner along with their choice of products) 


LOVE - 15

Tomorrow at 7 p.m. Atlantic Time I'll pick the winners for both raffles.

And thank you all for making my birthday so much fun this year!


  1. Happy Birthday! Valentine's Day is so much fun-love to make a great dinner and enjoy a yummy dessert with my fantastic husband!!

  2. My husband & I don't really celebrate on Valentine's Day. He goes out & buys me flowers at 5:00 AM. Next week I'm on vacation so we'll go out for dinner.