Thursday, 13 February 2014

Day 3: still tied at Love - 15

And the Bermuda Birthday Bonanza Match continues with three new players today!

Check them out below!!

Day 3 of the 

Bermuda Birthday Bonanza Giveaway

Our players today are:

Mrs. O Knows
Fun in Room 4B
Tina's Teaching Treasures

Keep reading to find out which resource they LOVE the best!

Mrs O Knows can be found at

Mrs. O Knows

A resource that she loves (and is sharing in this giveaway) is:

Independent Reading Logs

Preview them HERE
Mrs O loves this product because "These independent reading logs are an excellent way to see if your students are able to use learned reading skills strategies and apply them to their reading. They can be used in centers, assigned as part of their nightly reading, and even used in guided reading groups with struggling readers. The multiple skills and strategies that are included makes it easy to differentiate and use this resource with different levels of readers."

Blogger # 2 is 

who is sharing her Common Core Multiplication Lapbook (which you can preview at this link)

"Do you need a way to have your students understand multiplication concepts?

This Common Core Aligned Lapbook should help.  Students create flipbooks to insert into a Lapbook. However, the flipbooks can also be inserted into a notebook."

And Blogger # 3

Tina's Teaching Treasures

is sharing her 

Your students too can make sense of math problems and perfect their problem solving with these fun activities!!

Pop by again tomorrow to meet 3 new people

and see what they LOVE.

And if you haven't entered the raffle yet make sure to fill in your entries below!

LOVE - 15

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