Sunday, 9 February 2014

Love - 15

No, it's not a tennis score!


My birthday celebration.

Starting tomorrow!!

It's the Bermuda Birthday Bonanza Giveaway!

14 fabulous bloggers (plus me) are donating 15 great prizes to be awarded on February 15 to a lucky winner.

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we have each chosen a product that we absolutely LOVE. 

Come back tomorrow to find out what these are.

How do you win the Fabulous 15? 

By entering the Birthday Bonanza Giveaway of course. 

You have 5 days to enter

We end at midnight on Valentine's Day and I'll pick the winner on...

February 15th.

And because I LOVE Valentine's Day - and missed being a Valentine baby by just a *few* hours - there'll be 

an extra special prize on the 14th! 

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  1. Hey Lynn, I wanted you to know that I posted today about your give away that starts tomorrow. In case you wanted to look at it, here's the link.
    Second In Line