Sunday, 16 February 2014

Destruction of the Rainforest

Our topic work this term is called Saving the World - an IPC (International Primary Curriculum) unit about the rain forests. It's a great curriculum and we love it but this week we had to - gulp - destroy some of our students' work!!

As we've studied we've built the rainforest in our rooms. We've done collages of the layers, mind-
mapped a forest, painted parrots, researched animals, compared and contrasted the lives of people in the rain forests around the world with our life here - and now we're moving on to looking at the threats that face the rain forests.

The IPC asks us to "destroy" parts of our display and label it so that the kids have a dramatic visual to spark off our discussion.

So just before half term, after everyone had left school, we started to slash and burn,



... cut down habitats,


... After

spill some oil...

It was SAD!!

But then - thankfully - we designated an area of rainforest preserve!

With all the relocated animals :)

Tomorrow we'll video the kids' reactions when they walk in and see the "destruction"!

It should be interesting...

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