Monday, 9 September 2013

Positive Points

This could well be my most favorite linky ever! Finding positives - it's such a great thing to do...

(N.B. I haven't seen Sarah's new post at Permanently Primary about this but I'm going ahead with mine anyway because I like the idea so much. I'll link up later when I see it :) )

Last week I was in school doing PD stuff and finishing the set up of my classroom.

Today is the first day for the kiddies :)

I can't actually talk about the positives of today because (from my perspective of writing this post early) they haven't happened yet. But I am being positive thinking that it WILL be a positive and great first day!!

Last week's positives:

  • I finished my Anchor Activity trays - they're all filled up and ready to go. I really hope the kids buy into this independent type of learning!

I even did an example of our first science experiment anchor activity and took photos of every step for my more visual learners :)

  • I'm definitely getting my new student so I'll have two new little people to get to know this year. Always fun! I like having new kiddies :)

  • I volunteered for the first "rainy day" duty (since we have to eat inside next week due to our extremely hot eating area not having a shade structure at the moment) so I will have one down and one to go. I'm awfully tempted to do the second one as well and then I'll be off the hook for the whole term!! How awesome would that be?!!

  • I have (practically) the WHOLE WEEK PLANNED... AND... PHOTOCOPIED!! This is unheard of. Totally amazing. Completely awesome. 

  • I spent nearly all of Sunday night skype chatting with a wonderful teacher friend miles and miles away, in a different time zone and came away feeling revived and re-inspired!! Teacher friends are the best - and one day I hope we'll actually be able to visit - and talk - in person. :)

Looking forward to the start of a new, great year at school - with tons of possibilities, creative moments,  exciting learning and FUN!


  1. Funny...I spent Sunday night chatting with a friend far far away as well...small world...