Monday, 2 September 2013

Positive Points linky

Permanently Primary is hosting a new linky on Mondays and I love her idea! It's called Positive Points!

It's so easy for us, as teachers, to become bogged down in all the stress of getting through a curriculum, dealing with challenging students, worrying about reports and conferences and assessments - not to mention the extra stuff that might become part of your job temporarily such as accreditation and new timetables! The staffroom often becomes a place of bitter moaning and complaining and some of us take it all home with us as well.

This is not a good thing - and I'm SO glad that Sarah's had this idea for this linky because I really do want to focus on the positive this year! And thankfully - there are LOTS and LOTS of positives about teaching. :)

So... my positive points on this Labor Day holiday...

Well, despite the fact that I'm not even in school today and my kiddies don't come in until next Monday I'm already in a very positive frame of mind. :)

#1: My classroom is looking pretty good. I've gone for the minimalist look this year and I love my blues and lilacs and whites. It's very soothing.

#2: I have a small class which means I'll be able to do a LOT of one-on-one and small group work. I'm really looking forward to lots of center time, lots of differentiation and lots of fun, creative learning.

#3: This is my 5th year in grade 3 (Year 4) and so far every year I've had different team teachers. The positive? I've loved working with all of them and this year is no different. Yes, there will be some adjusting as one of our grade 2 teachers moves up for a year but we have a great relationship and she's young and dynamic and I'm looking forward to working with her - and of course, my old buddy from last year too. :)

#4: We're halfway through the whole school accreditation process and at least we're all a little more familiar with the process. Hopefully it won't cause as much stress as it did last year :) Thinking positively here!! :)

#5: I'm sharing my duty times with two of my best buddy teachers!! Why is this a positive? Because... when one of us forgets (which is practically guaranteed with our new 6-day cycle :) ) I KNOW that none of us are going to get upset!! In fact, we've already discussed the possibility of sharing the duties so we can catch up with each other while we're watching the kiddies. Now that's a real positive - coffee with a friend on recess/lunch duty. What could be better than that? :)

Wow! This is very therapeutic!! I'm going to make this my mandate for the year - find at least one positive thing about each day and then share all the wonders the following Monday. :)

I am READY FOR SCHOOL!! Woot, woot! Thank you, Sarah!!

So, if you're ready to list your own Positive Points head on over to Permanently Primary and link up. :)

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  1. Sharing recess duty with my teaching buddy is a highlight for me for sure! I love all of your positives. Have a wonderful week!

    Mrs. Bartel’s School Family

  2. Thank you for sharing your positives! It is contagious!

  3. I'm your newest follower! I found you on Permanently Primary's linky party. I loved reading about your class.
    Second In Line