Monday, 16 September 2013

Monday Positives

This seems to be about the only blog post I can manage at the moment. It's been a busy week - capped, last night, by losing my dog yet again in a thunder storm! This time, however, she didn't come back so I was up half the night worrying, called the dog warden and finally this morning got a call to say he had her safe in jail!
I picked her up at 6:00, happy as a clam and acting like she was in holiday camp instead of in detention! I'm going to have to check the weather forecast every day to decide whether she can be allowed out during the day or not! Oh well, at least she's home safe and sound now. :)

So... my Monday positives:

1. I survived the first week of school and the new 6-day cycle without making too many blunders! We did forget to go to Music on time one day but I remembered both duties and was on time at the pick-up ramp every day. Pretty good!!

2. I didn't stress over an hour long observation this morning that started at 8:45. Actually it was a student observation but normally that has no impact - I still stress. Today, possibly due to sleep deprivation, I was completely unfazed. Which is good because my lesson was bizarre to say the least. :) We had some great Math discussions though. It may have been all over the place but it was a great discussion!

3. Everyone finished their art - hallelujah! So I have something to put on the boards for Parent Night this week! Everyone also finished their rough draft for creative writing and real progress has been made with topic work so there's a good chance I'll have stuff in their topic books for the parents to look at. This is totally awesome.

These are almost-completed Dream Houses. They got
glittered just after this was taken and are now finished

 4. I did an open-ended Math project with the kiddies in the FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL and it was fantastic! They LOVED it! 

Back to School Shopping - always fun :)

5. And finally, I remembered to take photos in just about every lesson so I have lots of great visual aids for the powerpoint on Parent Night. This way all the moms and dads will spend the entire presentation watching for their kiddies' faces instead of staring at mine. :)

Now, for more positives head over to Permanently Primary to see some other blog posts. And link up yourselves - it's always good to focus on the positives! :)

P.S. Just one more positive - completely un-school related: Look at the sunset I saw on the way home tonight. Truly, truly beautiful!!

Happy Tuesday tomorrow. :)


  1. Beautiful sunset! I'm so glad you found your pup.
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. That DOG! Sounds like you had a VERY productive day at school--I'm impressed! Keep your chin up about the rest...things will fall into place somehow. ;)