Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Getting ready for Parent Night!

Aaaah!!! I feel like I've been on a hamster wheel all week trying to get ready for tomorrow night. Today I finally got my kiddies to finish up most of their work - they got their creative writing typed, did Wordles to go with it :), finished their art, did their timelines and some Math and most of them have finished the first few bits of topic work so we can glue it into their books tomorrow and the parents will have something to look at!

I  am feeling exceptionally FRAZZLED! It's critical that my classroom looks halfway decent since parents from the entire year group gather in it for our teacher presentation. Which means that 100 parents will see my room instead of just 34! It's still a little messy but tomorrow afternoon we will do a last minute clean up - and read a story for the last lesson of the day so no-one can mess it up again!

Here are some of our displays.

 This was our Amazing Dream House creative writing - focusing on use of adjectives and vivid verbs. Once the rough draft was done (and edited) the kids made an art collage to go with their writing and then typed up a neat copy in computers. We Wordled their writing so that they could see which words they used most often. I'm going to use Wordle to edit their writing in a future exercise - they can use it to choose different words for ones that have been used too frequently. :)

There are no names on any of these - it's the parents'
job to guess which writing is their daughter's. :)

A Wordle - not too bad. Only a couple of words were
used excessively.
A Who am I writing activity to help us get
to know each other.

This was our Math lesson today - addition pairs. We matched puzzle pieces for the simple pairs to 10 and then we assembled them all on a bulletin board with other facts. It's kind of pretty!

Putting the puzzle together
Putting all the pairs in order

The final display. The girls decided to stair-step
the puzzle number sentences to save space.

This week we did an open-ended Math project - Back to School shopping - which is now displayed out in the corridor. My girls worked in groups to purchase their supplies with a budget of $50, then explained why they bought those particular supplies and put all their information and decorations on posters.

This group worked really quickly!

Our corridor display. They're pretty good for a first-time
critical thinking project!

So, the classroom doesn't look too bad! Hopefully our presentation will go smoothly. The good thing is we do a group presentation and it's definitely a lot nicer to have company at the front of the room. :)

Hope everyone has a good "rest of the week!"

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