Monday, 20 May 2013

Today I am...

tired :(

Yes, I am!!

My kiddies appear to have shut down and we still have 5 weeks (more or less) of school left!!! We still have to do internal exams, get reports done, finish our genre study, finish our Aztec project - there is TONS still to do and they have all gone into "end of year" mode.

Plus, I'm dealing with friendship issues constantly - tears and notes and delegations to my desk.
Do they EVER tell the teacher on duty when these things arise at lunchtime play? No.
They wait to tell me. After lunch. Just when we're about to start a lesson.

Like I said, I'm feeling very tired. It's a pizza and book night - with pjs and slippers and a cuddly Boxer dog curled up beside me.

 I'll worry about all this tomorrow.

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