Saturday, 25 May 2013

Just Stuff...

I had rather a discombobulated week and haven't felt like blogging at all... but today I read a post on Krissy Venosdale's Venspired ( a blog I just LOVE!) called Share Your Story - and it made me think about why I started blogging in the first place.

I really started just to share things we did in the classroom - almost like an online photo album for myself - and when I re-read my earlier posts I can see that I was being very careful in what I wrote. I guess I was a little uncomfortable about putting myself out into cyberspace because those earlier posts strike me now as being very impersonal.

Just over six months later, I'm a lot more comfortable in my blogging skin - and realize that it's ok to just be me. Much as I would love to be a deep thinker, or an inspiring writer... I'm really not and... that's fine. There's room for lots of different types in this world :)

I like talking about my class and sharing our photos and fun times and I like the fact that I've met lots of inspiring and motivating teachers/people. I've made one really good friend on this venture so far and hope to get to know others in the same way :)

So, yes, I like my little blog - and I'm happy with it :) And I think I've just given myself permission to write about whatever I feel like - even if it's nothing to do with the classroom at all :)

But... having said that :) I'm sharing some photos of stage 2 of Aztec construction because it's going quite well!

My poor hubby was drafted to put the roof frame on our Aztec house - I knew his carpentry skills are rather makeshift but they're 100% better than mine so together we got a more-or-less straight roof up. Actually it totally slopes downwards but when all the palm branches are on no-one will notice - at least that's what I've told the kiddies :)

We ran out of wall paper so had to paint more on Friday but the walls are looking good. The kids used up ALL the palm branches I laboriously collected from the bushes around my house on ONE roof panel. I'd thought we would have enough for half the roof but no - my mistake was in giving them control of the glue guns!! The roof looks a bit like a palm tree tutu! :)

The builders in action
Staring to look more house-like

Meanwhile the miniaturists were making tiny clay pots and Aztec people. I know it's a really blurry photo of the Aztec warrior (and it has the largest eyes I've ever seen! Blue ones too!) but I think it's pretty cute even so. Naturally it has dripping-with-gore weapons :)

We have enough pots for an army!!
I think this is cute!
 Next week we'll (hopefully) finish the big house, make the fire and start weaving and the little house people will be making furniture and chinampas. Plus we'll be starting our Aztec helmets - I just love the way the kids look with tinfoil molded to their heads :) Like a bunch of little aliens!!

Hope everyone enjoys their week - those of you who are still in school and those of you lucky enough to be on holiday already :)

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  1. I have felt exactly like you in recent's been hard to find the energy to blog. I think I have come to the same conclusion as you--I don't need to be who I am not! If I have nothing to say--I won't blog! I think I was putting too much pressure on myself to blog frequently instead of when I had something to say or share...and that's really all I wanted to do anyway--to SHARE! I hope you are having a pleasant weekend.