Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Once Upon a Time in Math

We had SO much fun today!!

After working hard all morning on our Aztec projects (which I have to say are looking AMAZING!) we did a new open-ended Math project after recess - a Fairytale Feast.

The kids had to create a menu for a feast for 12 different fairytale characters, making sure that each guest got food that he or she would really like.

The food choices were all tied to the stories and I loved hearing the girls talking about what Jack would really like and was it fair to give Snow White apple tarts when she'd been poisoned by an apple!!

They had only $50 to spend so some careful budgeting was required. Each guest received an individual check and an overall cost for the feast was produced as well as an attractive menu that showcased all the food items that were consumed at the feast.

But the BEST part was that we sampled the feast ourselves!! I brought in honey graham crackers, honeycomb cake, apple tarts, strawberry tarts, oatmeal cookies, sugar cookies, sausage rolls, ham sandwiches, golden egg salad sandwiches, baked beans, porridge, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, scones, tea and lemonade. (I couldn't find any pumpkin pie and didn't have time to make it so we didn't get to sample that treat :( )

If I tell you the guests were: Jack (of the Beanstalk), Cinderella, Snow White, the Big Bad Wolf, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Merlin, a Unicorn, Red Riding Hood and Grumpy Dwarf can you guess which foods they ate? :)

Everything was in miniature sizes (and I mean, tiny!)  - it was a fairytale feast after all :) I even took in my Japanese and antique tea cups and made them all tiny cups of tea to sip while they worked. :) My girls were in ecstasy!

Here's our feast before we gobbled it all up.

Tea and porridge :)

Discussing what to serve.
The BEST way to do Math - with nibbles :)

A tea break :)
Budgeting the fairytale way

A finished poster with guest checks and menu
 I've just finished making a whole word problem set with a fairytale theme and will add this project to it. Should be uploaded by the weekend :)

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