Sunday, 26 May 2013

Feed My Lambs

Our school has recently decided to partner with Feed my Lambs ministry - an amazing organization (founded by a Bermudian) which is doing awesome work in Haiti. Although we haven't decided exactly what we are going to do to help Feed My Lambs is such a fabulous charity that I wanted to share it here.

My own class already corresponds with a tiny school in Bois d'Avril, Haiti but we now have an opportunity to be more involved with a larger school and orphanage located about an hour from Port au Prince.

School now in session :) (photo from website)

The founder of this ministry, who spends most of his time in Haiti now, has been visiting schools and other organizations in our island, sharing what has been done so far and what he hopes to do in the future. Bermuda, as a whole, has donated generously to this project and some true miracles have been seen as things have come together in amazing ways to get help to the Haitian people when it was most needed.

 I am so proud of my country and my church for taking on this ministry with open hearts.

In the 5 years since the conception of the idea to now, Feed My Lambs has become a registered charity both here in Bermuda and in Haiti and has built a clinic, an orphanage and now, a school, educating more than 400 students.

I am hoping to go on a mission trip next year to work at the orphanage and school - assisting with whatever projects are ongoing at that time. It will only be a short trip but I really hope it will be possible because I know it will be a life changing experience.

Please visit the website at the links in the text and see what Philip and his team are doing to bring hope to many Haitian children.

Philip Rego and some of his children

The clinic being set up - this picture was taken soon
after the devastating earthquake. Feed My Lambs, with
Bermuda's help, was able to send a cargo plane of
medical supplies so doctors were able to get straight
to work.

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  1. This is beautiful Lynn! Feed My Lambs sounds like a wonderful charity, I'm heading over to check out their website now. Hope you had a great weekend!

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