Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Testing is FINISHED! :) Construction begins!!

Yay! We have finished - and survived - the national curriculum testing. Three days of intensive misery (for the kids) and intensive worrying (for me) but now it's OVER and we can relax - well, sort of. We still have to do internal testing, lots of work and write reports and we still have about 6 weeks of school left but...

... the BIG exams are finished!!

To celebrate we started construction on the Aztec civilization today :) Stage 1 of turning our classroom into an awesome display for the parents to come and see at the end of term.

This year I gave my kiddies their choice:

They could build one large Aztec house - life-size - as a group project or build small individual model houses.

After heated debate I realized there was going to be no general consensus and agreed that 10 children could build individual models and 6 could work on a group project. (I am kind of regretting this after this afternoon when I felt like I was going in 10 different directions at once trying to organize life-size and miniature activities at the same time!!)

Have a look at our construction site - large and small :)

Walls for large house
...and for the small houses

Weaving mats...large
... and small

large house - frame only
small house :)

Check back for more photos as we keep building :)

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