Thursday, 14 February 2013

Share the Love :) Shout it Out!

It's Valentine's Day so I thought I would celebrate by doing a couple of shout-outs :) Blogs that I love to read, Facebook pages that I love to check on and TpT stores that I adore :) Here are some of my favourite places to visit (only some because there are so many that you'd be scrolling down forever if I didn't limit it :) )


 Fourth Grade Studio

The Teacher Wife

Meg's been blogging about fractions for quite a while now and I am hooked on the fabulous lessons her class have been enjoying. I've been "tuning in" every day to see what new dilemmas the kids have experienced and how they've solved their problems (and looking anxiously to see if I , a teacher, have the right answer!) Someone referred to the posts as "Fractionopolis" and it truly is like entering another world. Pay a visit to Meg's Fourth Grade Studio - it's awesome!

Desktop Learning Adventures

Desktop Learning Adventures!
is another of my go-to blogs. I love Pam's blogging "voice" and she has a wealth of knowledge to share. Her post this week about the game Quiddler was fun - and has made me seriously think about having the Royal Princesses of Quiddler competition in my classroom :)

And my final Valentine Blog shout out goes to All Things Upper Elementary
All Things Upper Elementary
- a collaborative blog for grades 3 - 6. There are 14 contributors on this blog and they take turns posting great information. I love the idea that you get a wealth of knowledge in one space - and now they're going to open up some posts to guest bloggers so there will be even more fabulous classrooms to read about :)

Facebook Pages:

I'm very new to Facebook myself and haven't quite got the hang of posting and sharing and liking but I do like to poodle around and see what other people are chatting about.

Making Meaning is an interesting place to go - I've seen Chris on forums for a while and it's nice to know that she continues her advice and sharing on Facebook :)

Meatballs in the Middle is fun too (and Darlene has a wonderful blog as well - I love the name AND the way she writes!)

And Lessons from the Middle is my final pick - I participated in a giveaway that Krystal organized and discovered her blog and Facebook page from there. Great stuff!

 And my Valentine TpT Stores:

Glitter Meets Glue Designs is fantastic. I adore glitter and these graphics are wonderful - so colourful and glittery and sparkly and "must have them all-ish"!! I've become quite obsessed with this clip art :)

I just recently bought some very cool What in the World Mysteries from Patricia Potts that I can't wait to use next term when we begin our Meso-American topic unit. I was fascinated with them and hope that my class will be too. She has other neat stuff in her store too so check it out :)

And Cap'n Pete's Place is a wonderful store to visit if you're a) a PE teacher or b) like me, you have a wiggly class!! He has the neatest Classroom Energizer games that I've used a couple of times to get the fidgets out. My class love them. Look him up!


  1. Awww, thanks for the valentine shout-out! :) I feel like I just received a big heart (I'm sure it was chocolate :) ). I love the connections in the blogging world. Happy Valentines Day to all the Royal Princesses of Quiddler!

  2. Double AWWWWW...thanks from me as well! You made my day...a bright spot in a kind of "not that great" of a day! :) Thanks, Lynn! Happy Valentine's Day to you!