Thursday, 7 February 2013

Oh no! - A Lost Gingerbread Man

Way back before Christmas I signed up for a Flat Gingerbread exchange with 10 schools in the US. It was organized by Christina at Second Grade Sugar and Spice (she has a great blog by the way!) and turned out to be a lot of fun.

Each participating class had to make a paper gingerbread man that represented their state (or in our case, our country) Decorations could be symbols such as state or national flowers, birds etc. and we had to write a letter explaining why we chose to use these particular things.

We made gingerbread girls with hibiscus buttons, shorts with tropical fish and our national flower in her hair. She is holding a monarch butterfly and has sand on her feet from our beaches.

Here are some of our little ladies with their suitcases just before boarding their envelopes :) Cute, aren't they?

Here are all 10!

Here's a close up of the one we kept!
All gingerbreads were mailed out in January and we have been receiving them in dribs and drabs over the last few weeks. It's very exciting to get real live actual post in these days of email!! My kids are loving the arrival of each envelope.

From Louisiana...



and from Pennsylvania...

Today another envelope arrived and we gathered eagerly to open it but....

IT WAS EMPTY!! The Flat Gingerbread person was lost! Don't know whether he never got into his package in  Tennessee, got lost en route or what but there it was - an empty envelope (stamped and everything) with no occupant. We'll keep his space on the bulletin board waiting in case he arrives soon :)

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  1. Classic! We did a holiday card exchange this year and the students were SO excited to get one from Australia! I'm sure the classrooms you sent them to were over the moon to learn about your island!