Sunday, 17 February 2013

School, Sport, Smile

A new linky party with Primary Possibilities :) I like this - it'll be fun to learn a little bit about everyone's school and I'm a great fan of alliteration too!


Our school was founded in 1894 with a class of 6 girls and has remained an all-girls school since that time. We follow the British National curriculum and currently have just over 600 students at the school from Year 1 through to IB 2 (K - grade 12, I think). We are a Round Square School and an IB school - we do take boys for the IB program.
This is a picture of one of the earliest classes. :)



Well, this used to be squash. I played from the time I was 14 up until I had knee surgery about 5 years ago. Unfortunately after that I wasn't as mobile on the court and so I had to stop. My new "sport" is hiking - my particular love is hiking in the mountains of Scotland. Awesome scenery!!

Near Inverness in March - a few years ago with my kids :)


My family - I adore them.

My son at the Remembrance Day Parade

My husband and daughter bonding in Miami


  1. Thank you for linking up!! I LOVE the old photograph!! And, those birds!!! Looks like fun!!

  2. Well the hiking looks like so much fun!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  3. I also love the old photo of the girls. They all have such stern faces!
    Great family photos too!

    Sommer Pride

  4. So neat, Lynn! Great to get to know you a little better!