Sunday, 19 January 2014


I haven't felt like blogging recently. Probably because I think I'm mostly talking to myself and I've been reading too much lately to have time to do it.

This week I've read so many books I'm not even sure what planet I'm on. A few good books, a few childhood favorites, a few rubbishy things... but so many (15 so far, in fact!) that all my universes are confused. And I feel a little depressed because I've run out now.

Reading is a drug.

The week has been so busy at school that the minute I've got home I've grabbed something to eat and headed for the sofa with the dogs - and there I've sat till midnight. Every night. I've been alone this week so it's been ok but tomorrow... eek, my other half returns.

So... today is D-day.

The house needs to be cleaned (oh boy, does it ever!) I need to prepare my center work for the week, the laundry needs to be done - huge sigh. There's just so much to do and I sit here procrastinating furiously and talking to myself.

To make myself feel like I have actually accomplished something this week I'm posting photos of our rainforest. It looks ok, I guess. Right now I can't even work up any enthusiasm for posting photos - this is pretty sad :(

Next week we'll be "destroying" sections of the rainforest as part of our IPC Save the World unit - so that the kids can see the effect of man on the habitat. And seriously this is just another depressing thought!! Think I'll stop writing now and go do laundry...

It's starting to look a little rainforest-y. Check the monkey
backpack - that's the only stuffed toy this child has :)

These are our mind map trees. The tops of the trees are
what each student knows and then something they
want to know. They're decorating them slowly. I think I'll
"cut" a couple down next week for deforestation.

Getting ready to add animals to the layers. We had one amazingly
messy accident doing these when a tub of brown pudding-like
paint went flying. One child covered in paint, a couple splattered
and the floor a gorgeous mess. Lots of deep breaths - at least
the end result was worth it.

I feel a little better now that I've posted photos :) Journaling does help...

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