Sunday, 5 January 2014

Romans vs... well, Romans

 I was going through my camera tonight looking for some Christmas photos and I found all the pictures of our end-of-term battle! They're kind of fun so I thought I'd share.

We had a three-legion battle on the 2nd last day of term, counted the bodies left standing at the end of the war and...

the 87th legion (yes, I know that's historically inaccurate but it's what my kids chose :)) WON!!

Yes, we did! We had 12 legionnaires left alive compared to 11 and 10 from the other classes. :)

Go the 87th!! Woot, woot!!

Our tortoise on the move. Can't see too many heads which
is good! :)

The 87th - not the best attack formation but hey, it worked!

The 11th - pretty good

This legion never got around to naming themselves
but they were the best at forming a circle!

Dead bodies litter the field! Carnage abounds!!

It was a fun day! And we, the centurions, didn't have to decimate our legions. :) 
The soldiers behaved beautifully.

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