Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Mystery Puzzles!!

I LOVE these things!!

Mystery puzzles! A great challenge activity for those "I've finished. What do I do now?" times.

I just got 4 new puzzles for our puzzle table - two Rainbow Magic stories and two Famous Five stories, straight from Scotland, courtesy of my mama.

Mystery puzzles come with a story that the kids read, then the put the puzzle together WITHOUT a picture to guide them (so it's a real challenge!) and then the puzzle is used to solve the mystery in the story.

My kids love them. We've already done two this term so I've been waiting desperately for my new ones to arrive. They're only 250 pieces but it should take them about a week to complete one - and I'll save the others for rainy weather weeks.

I can't wait to get into school tomorrow with these!!

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