Sunday, 1 December 2013

Deck the Halls with TpT Linky Party

And thanks to Christina at Bunting, Books and Bainbridge for organizing this fun and festive linky just in time for the big Cyber Monday sale at TpT. :)

And here's the PLAYLIST!!!

(Check out the cool MP3 player and Santa in shades by Zip-a-dee-doo-dah! One of my favorite clip artist's - you can find her store HERE.)

And here are my three songs for the season. :)

1. An oldie but goodie - I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Product:

Well, since it's Christmas I thought I'd play:

This is an open-ended Math project where students have to fill two sacks for Santa's sleigh. The sacks can only be 50 kg (or 100 pounds for those who use imperial measurements) and students must try to get as many toys of as many different types as they can into the sacks without going over weight.
A fun project for practicing conversion of weight units as well as addition and multiplication (and possibly subtraction if the sacks end up being too heavy! :) )

2. This is one of MY favorite holiday songs! It's Beginning to look a lot like Reading!

I use Book Nook Nibbles in guided reading centers. Every month we study one book in depth - reading responses, visualizing, making connections and predictions, sequencing, vocabulary activities, character trait studies, story mapping and book reviews. Christmas Tapestry is our December pick. :)

(In October we did The Pumpkin Runner and in November our Nibble was Thunder Cake.)

I find the Nibbles a great way to really dig deep into a book and the packs are a good formative assessment tool for language. I can differentiate for ability too by picking and choosing which activities to put into individual packs. Plus... they're fun. :)

And my third playlist pick:

3. Walking in a Math Wonderland

Our Math is taught in blocks which repeat each term and the final block of each term is always fractions. I LOVE introducing our fraction unit with holiday fun! We make fraction snowmen and trees and we use the printables in this pack - filled with presents and snowmen and trees - as well as a Reindeer Pizza Party and a Fraction Frenzy matching game to have some holiday fun in the classroom.

So those are my picks for the season. :) Head over to Bunting, Books and Bainbridge  to visit other "musical" blogs and see what's playing over there.

And don't forget the song: I'm making a list and checking it twice! That's what I'm doing for the TpT sale!! Fun, fun, fun!!!

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