Sunday, 8 December 2013

Winter Wonderland

We've been turning our classroom into a winter wonderland these last couple of weeks. It's kind of exciting being surrounded by snow scenes in a classroom on a tropical island - and circumstances dictate that we stay away from Santa and elves this year.

So here are some of our "learning decorations".

1. We've created Snowman Simile chains...

In retrospect I think I would have the kiddies write their words on alternate chain links so we could actually read the entire simile on the chain. I typed out their completed similes and posted them above the chains this year but next year I'll get it right. :) The kids had fun doing them anyway and it made writing similes a lot more "hands on".

2. Our Fraction Snowmen are up again - it's interesting to see how different they are each year and it's a great introduction to fractions!

3. And we just had some fun in art creating winter tree collages and close-ups of snowmen - courtesy of both pinterest ideas and Deep Space Sparkle. We adapted our projects slightly but it's always nice to give credit where credit is due. :)

Winter Trees

Snowmen - Close Up

And here's our bulletin board when you walk into the classroom - it creates such a wintry feel! :)

Tomorrow we celebrate our annual surprise Gingerbread Day - the cookies are made and cooling in the kitchen; all the activities are copied and piled on our desks; my glittery crown is made and all I have to do is...

find a brown shirt that will fit! This is going to be difficult (perhaps impossible) due to recent expansion of the waist so I may have to wear black and be a scorched gingerbread cookie instead. :)

Oh well - it's the thought that counts. Perhaps my sparkly crown - and the provision of cookies, icing and skittles will make up for the lack of appropriate dress. :)

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