Friday, 27 December 2013

Totally Random Post

I've had a very nice, lazy holiday and still have the prospect of a week more to enjoy lazing around in pjs, sipping tea, watching movies and thinking about doing some work :)

Here are some random photos of my week.

 Let's start with Christmas Eve. I drove down to the post office to pick up these extremely cute ornaments that were sent to me as part of an ornament exchange...

...and... rear-ended by the car behind me who apparently didn't see my indicator or notice that I had STOPPED to turn!! We now have the car tied up until the garage opens again after the holiday. Sigh.

The stress of this caused my husband to collapse on the sofa - accompanied by the dog who, I think, was just sleeping in solidarity...

Christmas Day was wonderful - we went to my sister's, ate too much, played silly games, laughed a lot and took this photo of us and my daughter and her boyfriend. My son spent Christmas in Scotland with my mom :)

And... the highlight photo for Boxing Day :)

Bear has an itchy tummy right now and has been rubbing it on the carpet so she's now taken the skin off!! My daughter decided to cover the tummy in cream and then put a shirt on Bear to stop her scratching. I think it's adorable!!

And finally, today - a super lazy day!! Here's the only thing I've managed to do today (other than chatting on Facebook and emailing people :) ) - my mom's traditional shortbread!! And, if I do say so myself, I have finally MASTERED the making of it. (It only took 3 years!!)

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. Hope your holidays were as fun as mine :)

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