Sunday, 6 October 2013

Starry Pumpkins

I'm going to be away from school next week at a conference so I've spent the whole week getting ready for my sub - stayed at school till nearly 7 every night photocopying, writing reams of notes, trying to remember where each child was supposed to be each day... I think I'm a controlling person :)

Anyway, I got  it all done and walked out today leaving a pile of neat little folders marked with each day of the week and all the plans for every day, plus every supply possible needed, piled on the counter.

So since everything was done and my kiddies have been so good this week we painted all afternoon on Friday :)

I found this awesome idea on Deep Space Sparkle, which is one of my new finds in the art blogging world :) and adapted it slightly for my third graders. I think our pumpkins turned out beautifully and it was such a peaceful afternoon!!

We begin by drawing a pumpkin, paying attention to
the lines and trying to make them curve. :)

Then we started to paint
Getting the hang of lightly brushing and blending
different colors took a while...

... but we got there eventually

We also painted green paper for leaves
and stems, then hand-drew our pumpkin
vines and cut them out
Once the pieces were cut out and place to our liking
we glued everything onto the black background

We added a moon...

... and stars...

... and voila - a starry pumpkin patch!!

I think my kiddies did an awesome job on these - and they look SO pretty out on the corridor bulletin board!!
So I probably won't be able to post while I'm away since I looked at the schedule of this conference and realized it begins at 7.30 every morning and ends at 10.00 at night!!! 
Oh well... next week is another week and hopefully I'll have lots of amazing photos of the Everglades to share :)
Have a great weekend everyone - and enjoy next week. :)

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