Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Spooky Surprise Math

We're on holiday next week for our half term so we won't be in school over Halloween - which means we have been doing all our seasonal activities this week. :)

Yesterday we did an open-ended Math project and finished it up today. It was great fun!!

Godfrey and Giselle Ghost are hosting a surprise sleepover party on Halloween and they want to decorate their haunted house and provide party treats for their six guests. They asked my class to help them shop for supplies but only gave them $100 to spend.

The girls started to shop
They added and multiplied; they returned items and
chose others..

They discussed and discussed and discussed some more

Finally the purchasing was completed and the
decorating began
Walls were painted...

Blood was added :)
The purchased decorations were installed in the rooms.

Once the house was finished, the budgeting completed
and the amount spent and change received computed
the house was moved to it's "garden" and the  background
decorating began!

They did such an AWESOME job with
this project!

I love this one!! I've got a very creative class this year :)

It was a fun Math lesson - addition, multiplication, money and budgeting all wrapped up in a Halloween theme. And I have a great bulletin board display for tomorrow's pumpkin carving! :)

So if you're looking for something fun to do next week (if you're in school, that is) feel free to check out Spooky Surprise. There's an extension activity as well for older grades. :) 

My class just loved it - and you know what was the best part? I had a surprise walk-in evaluation in the middle of it and got a GLOWING report because the kids were all so engaged and excited. I love it when things like that happen. :)

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