Sunday, 20 October 2013

It's exciting...

I am getting very excited because very soon my blog will be changing!!

I decided this summer that a new name and look was needed since my life will not always be in a 3rd grade classroom - and I would like my blog to reflect me as a person as well as me as a teacher. I haven't felt that my blog, as it is, has leant itself very well to personal reflections and, although I may not do it often, I would like to be able to sometimes share things that are maybe not so classroom oriented.

So I thought long and hard about what I wanted; I harassed friends for ideas and words and titles; I dithered over colors and quotes; I tried to explain what I really wanted - and Christi of both Design by Christi and Ms. Fultz's Corner fame, made it all happen!!

She used artwork by Crystal aka The Library Fox and tied everything together in a wonderful new design which I absolutely love.

At this time of writing I'm not exactly sure when my new look will appear but that's kind of exciting in itself! I like the anticipation - it's a bit like patting the empty Christmas stockings before going to sleep and then waking up half way through the night and patting them again! It's so exciting to feel all those  mysterious lumps and bumps and know that something magical happened in the night! :)

So I'm waiting for the magic! :) And honestly, I almost don't want to know when it will happen! :) I'd like to click on blogger one day and just see the new look.

In the meantime, while I'm waiting, I thought I'd share some of our artwork from this past week. :) This idea came from Kathy Barbro at Art Projects for Kids.

It was awesome. We did it step by step and the kiddies had no idea what they were drawing until about halfway through. They were SO excited when they saw what they had done!!

We start drawing

Adding some details

Outlined and ready to paint

I love how they all have their own character!

Painting begins

Just waiting to be outlined in black sharpie
but pretty cute anyway!!

We have one more week of school before our mid-term break - and in this week we'll be presenting our class assembly (always a nerve-wracking undertaking!!) having our sugar-filled, arts and crafts and pumpkin carving afternoon, trying to finish the first science unit (eek - has to be done so we can start unit 2 after half term!!) finishing our Halloween writing assignment, getting some Math done!!! (planning a fun, seasonal open-ended Math project for my girls!)  - oh, and I still have one more parent/teacher conference and a couple of lunch time meetings. I will be VERY ready for my holiday!! 

I'll post about our assembly when it's safely over :) - at the moment it needs some serious work. We're making a small movie for the opening and since I have never used iMovie before it is proving to be somewhat challenging. I think that perhaps this is a time to make use of our ICT teacher - I don't think I have time to really play around and figure it all out. And I NEED to have my voice deleted from all the clips! :)

Hope everyone enjoys the coming week - and for all those headed to fall break have a wonderful time. :)

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  1. Good for you taking this leap! I bet you'll love the flexibility. LOVE it!
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