Monday, 7 October 2013

Positives to start the week

Last week was a little stressful what with preparing a whole week's worth of sub plans in advance - as well as trying to cover the week's regular plans...

... so today is a good time to focus on the positives!

1. I made it through the week and got everything ready for my sub :)

2. My kiddies were very well behaved, got ALL their work finished to a good standard and we even spent an entire afternoon painting with NO spills! That has got to be a record!!

3. I managed to get packed for my conference - and found something halfway decent to wear, that fits somewhat comfortably, for the formal requirements. This is an enormous positive because my wardrobe is decidedly sparse at the moment thanks to a "slight" increase in body size. (Well, okay, it's more than slight but I'm working on it!!)

4. I will enjoy being in Florida for a week - I will, even if it IS 90 degrees. I realize that a lot of people would love to have hot weather but I am a cold weather person so I am trying really, really, really hard to believe that 90 degrees will be wonderful.

5. I am looking forward IMMENSELY to meeting students and teachers from around the world and sharing ideas with them. (I am trying to look forward to the possibility of "adventures" for which I am entirely unfit - like possibly "slogging through the Everglades", according to our schedule. It will be exciting, right? Yes, of course it will. It will!)

6. Although I will miss my daughter's trip home for Canadian thanksgiving, she will at least be here in time to look after my dad's dog, as well as my own two. This will be a huge blessing for my husband who looked at me in horror when I told him that he would have three dogs to look after while I was away. (He's not a dog person :) )

Lots of positives - and I'm sure I'll have many to share next week :) Have a wonderful week everyone!!

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