Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Missing in action... but still here

I had great plans for blogging this summer but holidays, I find, have a way of scuppering the best of intentions :)

Scotland is glorious - we've had sunshine almost every day and it hasn't rained yet!

Yesterday I finally got my new camera and my mom and I spent the afternoon playing with it. It's just a small camera but it has an amazing number of features - it's quite extraordinary what technology is capable of nowadays.

Here's my mom's garden - I'm still on a learning curve with the camera, remember :)

I love her little faun statue - so Narnian :)

I can't get thyme to grow at home but
my mom has several varieties scattered

We spent about half an hour hanging out the upstairs window seeing what effects we could get at night. Of course, none of the pictures look exactly like what we could see but I did like this one of my dad in his garden room. It doesn't get dark until nearly 10:00 at this time of the year so he spends a lot of time out here :)

Anyway, this was just a quick little "I'm still around" post. We have a lot planned for this week - including a long hike into the hills near Braemar and an evening visit to the park to see the opera Tosca screened live and possibly a visit to a castle to see a medieval jousting tournament. :) The weather is supposed to stay fine so my new camera is going to get a workout. (And I'm thinking the castle trip might result in some fun classroom project ideas - they are percolating in my brain right now and will hopefully result in something more concrete by next week. :) 

Hope everyone is still enjoying their holidays if they're still out of school - and for those of you who are back I hope that the new year is going well :)

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  1. Looks like you're having a lovely break. Enjoy it! Scotland with nice weather sounds lovely!
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