Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A sad and lonely classroom...

I always think a classroom looks so sad at the end of the year. :(

Here's mine all packed up for the summer. My room suddenly seems so huge!!

All I have to do tomorrow is pack away my computer and take out the last few things that I couldn't carry to the car today - and then I'll say goodbye until August 27th. :) Poor little classroom :(

What else did I do today? Well, I finally finished a mental math game that I started last term - i.e. I prettied it up and got it uploaded. :) I love being able to text and email fellow teachers while I'm working - and I LOVE the fact that I can be thousands of miles away from them and still talk. 

What DID we all do before the days of chatting, texting and emailing?!!

So here's my X/Out game - I had fun playing with colors today :) 

 Wishing all my American friends a happy 4th of July tomorrow. Hoping for fireworks here too - and for a clear night on which to see them :)


  1. I AGREE! When I think of how much learning and "life" and energy was in that classroom this year, it looks like a different world! It's time for YOU to regroup now as well! Congrats on being "fully" finished!

    1. A little too much energy sometimes :) Next year I'm going for a sedative blue theme - bulletin boards, rug, blinds...
      No, it was fun - and next year I'd better get the Incas!! I have a strong desire to make a giant papier mache llama (think Trojan Llama!)