Monday, 22 July 2013

Castles, glens and some school work

The weather in Scotland has been absolutely stupendous this last week! We've actually had a heat wave and I got sunburned (just a little) while hiking!! Fabulous weather and gorgeous scenery - I do so LOVE the Cairngorms!!

These are some of the views from our Sabbath hike this week. My mom and I didn't make it to the summit of Culardoch - it was a little hot and quite a long walk for us when we haven't done a lot of walking for a year :) but we took a beautiful circuit back through the hills. Here's some of the scenery we went through :)

Our tea spot :)

Coming through the woods on the homeward stretch

We came around a corner and bumped into this group
of Highlanders in the middle of nowhere! No idea what
they were doing - perhaps a reenactment of some kind!
It was great fun seeing them though!!

It was HOT!! And not a cloud in the sky!

Scotland has tons of castles and Castle Fraser is one of my favorites.  There was a jousting tournament taking place this week! Great fun - it's a beautiful castle and the day was superb. We lolled around watching the knights on their horses, eating ice cream and taking photos of walled gardens and castle walls. :)

And finally, despite all this fun I managed to finish a back to school resource and got some CUTE scissors that will be recognizably mine and thus will not disappear into kiddy desks!! A most productive week :)

Nice, aren't they? They've got owls on the blades!

These were fun to make :)
Find them HERE if you're
interested. :)


  1. Good plan with the scissors! It drives me crazy when my stuff disappears. Beautiful pictures!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. Scotland is the best!! I love it here - spending 7 weeks with my mom this year. It's been great :)