Thursday, 25 April 2013

Sports Day :)

Great fun but wow, am I tired!!

These are our house flags - although I notice as I type this
that I cut my own flag out of the picture! I was in the blue
house when I was a student at this school :)

For the last 10 years it has, without fail, rained on Sports Day. Sometimes we've soldiered on through drizzle and spitting; sometimes we've made mad dashes into the gym during heavy downpours; a couple of times we've had to postpone... but today... the sun shone for practically the whole day! And most of us, being totally unprepared for good weather (in fact I had a raincoat, umbrella AND a change of clothes in anticipation) got burned. I had to  borrow a hat and borrow sunscreen. No sunglasses - thanks to the weather forecast of overcast skies, rain and thunder (none of which materialized) - so by the afternoon I was squinting and head-achey.

However it was a great day. Sadly my house came last :( but one of my own students won the best performer cup and since she's a child who struggles sometimes in the academic arena it was wonderful to see her excelling!

I don't know what tomorrow will be like - I may have a grumpy little group - but since it'll be Friday it doesn't really matter too much :)

Enjoy the weekend all!

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