Wednesday, 3 April 2013

April in the Making

Heya - I found this fun linky while taking a break from TpT-ing :) It's called This Month in the Making and is sponsored by Mrs. Kelly's Klass.

I'm just going to cut and paste the rules right here so you all know what to do should you feel like joining in:)

So... my month in the making...

April Favorite:

Definitely that I'm on Spring break for the first two weeks of it. :) I love having the time to sit around in my pajamas, read interesting blog posts, watch my puppies snoozing on the sofas, watch oldie goldie movies - so much fun!! And I just LOVE the weather at this time of the year - sunny but cool and so spring-like!


April in my Classroom:

This term we begin our big unit on the Aztecs so the classroom has been stripped down to nothingness once again and we will begin building the Aztec civilization on the bulletin boards - and in fact all over the room. I tell my children constantly that the classroom displays are their responsibility - they have to produce or we'll have an empty, boring classroom. Without fail they rise to the challenge! I'm still not sure how we'll approach the topic this year - we may build a full-size Aztec house, an enormous temple, a miniature empire... the possibilities are endless :)

April Must Have:

I am totally stuck on this one! Honestly I can't think of any "must haves". I am pretty content with my life at the moment. Perhaps some "motivation" would be nice. Wish it could be sold in pill form so I could motivate myself to get out there and exercise!!

This'll work :)

April Make It:

Aha - now this is easier! I have just finished a Math unit yesterday and it is in my store! I am very pleased with myself. I still have huge plans to work on (and hopefully finish) several other partially completed units but at least I've done one. :)

Find it here

and it has a fun project in it that I blogged about on Money Matters way back in February.

I would also really like to make these as an Earth Day activity. Not sure if I can borrow the PTA ovens but I am going to check into it. These are just so pretty!!

They're melted crayons turned into
new crayons - recycling for Earth
Day :)

April Goal:

I am (and this is a DEFINITE) going into school to clean out the black hole (otherwise known as a resource cupboard) behind my desk. By the time school starts I should have a beautifully organized cupboard with neat little boxes of Math center activities etc. I need a place to store all my glittery Math gems plus endless center activities that right now are sprawling all over miscellaneous surfaces.

These need a home!

To keep myself accountable I will post about it when it's done :)

Head on over to Mrs. Kelly's Klass and read some of the other posts!


  1. Two weeks off for spring break... how dreamy! Our break is coming up soon... I LOVE my class, but boy am I ready for a break! ;) Your Aztec project sounds amazing. Will you post pictures of it? I'm so curious to see how it turns out! I'd love to do something like that! I also LOVE the crayon activity for Earth Day--totally going to do that! So glad to connect! :) The Learning Lab

  2. It looks really cool, doesn't it? The crayons that is. Oh yes, I'll post Aztec pictures. I must try and find photos of last year's effort because it was truly fantastic - if I do say so myself. I don't like repeating projects though (I like every class to do something different and exciting) so I'm brainstorming furiously for this year. One co-teacher does the Incas and the other the Mayans and we were SUPPOSED to switch civilizations this year but they have bailed on me. I was all excited to do the Incas and now I'm having to do the Aztecs again! Have to get my thinking cap on.