Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Time flies

I cannot believe it has been so long since I last posted anything! In my defense there's been a lot going on in my life - and starting the new year group was somewhat challenging.

But... I love Year 6 (grade 5)!! What a great age! They're able to do so much more, can work independently, are able to have fantastic discussions... Yep, I love it!

At some point I'll gather myself together enough to post about some things we did this term but at the moment I am back in Boston in full care-giver mode - with little virtual forays into my classroom by sending letters to the substitute to post on the whiteboard and checking the class blog every day. I have a couple of students who have started "books" on the blog and it's quite fun reviewing their prologues, advertisements and first chapters.

This week I am emailing my daughter letters from Saint Nicholas - and instructing her to buy the traditional chocolate santa treats - to take into my classroom sneakily on Thursday evening and put on all the desks.

What DID we all do before the internet? I love being able to email the substitute teacher, see the videos of the Mars rovers my kiddies made and raced, get photos of the book reports that they're doing so I can check to make sure they're on the right path... The only thing we haven't done yet is arrange a face-to-face call :) Maybe that should be the next project :)

I find that being away from my home, my class, my family has made me a lot more chatty with emails and blogging - much more stream of consciousness, for which I make no apology. It's cathartic!

Just so this isn't a "text only" post here are a couple of photos from our home away from home :)
I do love the autumn colors - almost all gone now but I'm glad I managed to see a little bit of the fall display.

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